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The Eric Gill Collection

An illustration by Gill showing a demon and branching vine.

Eric Gill (1882-1940) was an English engraver, sculptor, typographer, and writer who lived and worked in and near London. The University of Notre Dame collection includes over 2,000 items of Eric Gill's work: books, pamphlets, broadsides, prints, greeting cards, calendars, sketches, wood blocks, photographs, and other formats.

The Gill Collection also includes many examples of the work by men who worked with or apprenticed with Gill (Hilary Pepler, Philip Hagreen, Joseph Cribb, David Jones, and Desmund Chute), most of the imprints of the Golden Cockerel Press (which produced The Four Gospels engraved by Gill), and an extensive selection of the output from Gill's own St. Dominic's Press. There are hundreds of fine art prints and over 100 photographs of Gill's sculptures.

The collection was acquired in 1965 from John Bennett Shaw (Notre Dame alumnus '37), who purchased it from Evan Gill, Eric's brother. Since 1965, the collection has been added to selectively.