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page of the Liber Amicorum
Detail from a page of the Liber Amicorum (book of inscriptions from friends) of Johannes Stadius while he was a student at the University of Jena, 1611-1626.

The Department of Special Collections currently possesses some forty bound manuscripts originating from continental Europe and the British Isles that may be dated between 1600 and 1800.

Many of the manuscripts have been described in James A. Corbett, A Catalogue of the Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts of the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, 1978). These, together with other more recently acquired bound manuscripts, are listed in the following inventory:

In addition to bound manuscripts, there are many unbound items from this era. Areas of concentration include:

  • certificates, proceedings and other official documents of the Spanish Inquisition
  • correspondence of Cardinal Lorenzo Magalotti (d.1637)
  • records of a Dominican monastery near Barcelona from 1633-1791
  • a collection of French charters and diplomatic correspondence

The following list provides a preliminary inventory of the early modern manuscripts held by the Department of Special Collections of European origin that may be dated between 1600-1800.

The listing thus far contains only those manuscripts described in James A. Corbett, A Catalogue of the Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts of the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, 1978) and a collection of manuscripts acquired from the Dominican Convent of St. Raymond of Peñafort.

Additional early modern European bound manuscripts which await description include primarily liturgical works of Spanish origin.

Liturgical and Devotional Works

  • Anonymous. [German Prayer Book] Geistliche ervuickung Beilige und verdienstliche Ubung geschrieben. 1737. (Corbett 49)

  • Benedictine choir book containing various masses and offices. 17th cent. Italian. (Corbett 63)

  • Catalan Passion Cycle. Late 18th cent. Spanish. (Corbett 64)

  • Dominican Gradual. 17th cent. Spanish? (Corbett 62)

  • Gradual for Advent, Christmas and Ephiphany. 17th cent. German? (Corbett 61)

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Religious and Theological

  • Anonymous. A reioinder to the reply of a pretended Catholicke who desired satisfaction in three particulars and promised thereupon to become a Protestant. ca. 1635. English. (Corbett 39)

  • Davanzati, Giuseppe. Dissertazione in ordine ad alcune apparizioni d'uomini morti volgaramente chiamati vampiri. 18th cent. Italy. (Corbett 23)

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University Manuscripts

  • Chausse, Henry. Handbook of Scripts. 1682-95. English. (Corbett 36)

  • Craufurd, Thomas. Thomas Craufurd's History of the University of Edinburgh, 1580-1646. 18th cent. (Corbett 14)

  • Diploma of the University of Padua, Granted to "Dominus Bernardinus Cominelli ad summum apicem doctorus iuris." 1670. (Corbett 41)

  • Ermegeen, Hendrik van. Lovany ab erudito professore et theologiae licentiato Henrico van ermegeen lovaniensi seta aprilis dialectica dictabatur in palestra tibi o individua eternaque trinitas dicata. 1674. (Corbett 52)

  • Schlenck, Johann Christoph. Liber Amicorum. 1769-1776. Latin and German. (Corbett 60)

  • Stadius, Johannes. Liber Amicorum. 1611-1626. University of Jena, Germany. (Corbett 10)

  • Visitatio apostolica ecclesie et collegii S. Apollinaris. 1696. Church and College of St. Apollinaris, Germany-Hungary (Corbett 21)

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  • Anonymous. Historical Memorial to King Philip IV of Spain. 1663. Spanish. (Corbett 59)

  • Della Torre, Raffaele. Congiura vacchera contro la nobilitˆ di Genova l'anno 1627. 1628-1637. (Corbett 48)

  • French Royal Decrees of the 16th Century. ca. 1633. (Corbett 32)

  • [Mourin, Philippe?]. Funeral Oration for Marie de Valernod, dame d'Herculais. 1654 or later. French. (Corbett 57)

  • Rottino, Pietro. Trattato di Roma Antica. 18th cent. (Corbett 54)

  • Zeno, Raniero. Relazione di Roma, bound with an unsigned, undated pamphlet entitled Advis donne au roy, sur l'estat present des affaires de Rome, sous Urbain VIII. 1623. Veneto region, Italy. (Corbett 47)

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Poetry and Literature

  • Chiesa, Sebastiano. Il capitolo de frati. poema bernesco in ottava rima di Sebastiano Chiesa (1678). 1709. Italy. (Corbett 20)

  • Martinelli, Vincenzo. Storia dei Cicisbei. ca. 1750. Italy. (Corbett 26)

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Manuscripts from the Dominican Convent of St. Raymond of Peñafort

In addition to the manuscripts listed below, some forty books formerly owned by the Convent were acquired by the University. For more information, see the collection description.

  • Receipt and expense ledger, 1603-1616.

  • Receipt and expense ledger, 1702-1731.

  • Receipt and expense ledger, 1731-1791.

  • Receipt and expense ledger, 1792-1835.

  • Meal register, 1653-1681.

  • Meal register, 1726-1796.

  • Granary records, 1734-1817.

  • Register of rosary recitations, 1682.

  • Register of masses celebrated and census of monks, 1760

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