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Rare Books and Special Collections holds a collection of twentieth-century Chinese books, posters, and ephemera. Though modest in size, it serves as a rich source of Chinese history in a time of drastic cultural and political change. The authors/producers of these materials were activists, intellectuals, and religious leaders, who attempted to guide and influence the Chinese masses according to their own political or religious convictions.

The main themes of the collections are Catholicism in China, and political propaganda.

Catholicism in China

The coverage is from the 1930s to the early People's Republic of China (PRC) period.

Two main collections are:

In addition, there are textbooks and pamphlets published by the Catholic Central Bureau (天主教教務協進委員會 Tian zhu jiao jiao wu xie jin wei yuan hui).

Political propaganda

The Keating Collection, consisting of posters, picture albums, magazines, and pamphlets, and other ephemera (pins, badges, etc.), mostly covers the Cultural Revolution period.

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