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Nicolás Anchorena (1785-1856)

Biographical Information

Nicolás de Anchorena was born to Juan Esteban de Anchorena, an importer and wholesaler of Spanish goods in the late 18th century. Nicolás, along with his two brothers, aggressively expanded their father's commercial interests into land and cattle. Their success in this endeavor made them one of Argentina's wealthiest families. Related to Juan Manuel de Rosas and one of his confidants, Nicolás Anchorena supported the federalist cause throughout his life.

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Description of Archival Collection (MSH/SCH 1004-1 to 1004-479)

The archive contains a detailed record of Nicolás Anchorena's commercial activities primarily during the decade of the 1830s. The estancias of Camarones and Tala are frequently mentioned. They include receipts, sales details, promissory letters, balances, and accounts book, personal and business letters, and legal documents, such as drafts of contracts, judicial orders, measures of a land property, and drafts of arguments about cattle marks, etc.

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Poensgen, Ruprecht. Die Familie Anchorena, 1750-1875: Handel und Viehwirtschaft am Rio de la Plata zwischen Vizekönigreich und Republik. Köln.: Böhlau, 1998. (Hesburgh Library, General Collection: F 1401 .L322 Bd. 26)

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