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Plaquetas from the Borges Collection

Title page (left) and frontispiece illustration by Jorge Larco (right).

The Borges Collection includes two copies of Siete poemas (1967), each of which has an illustration by Jorge Larco. Proofs from the printer with editorial corrections by Borges' mother and a newspaper clipping of a homage written by Borges about Jorge Larco, the illustator, are also included.

Title page (left) and original tempera by Juan Batlle Planas (right).

Also included in the collection is one copy of Otro poema de los dones y tres sonetos (1963), illustrated with an original tempera by Juan Batlle Planas. The copy is one of only twenty eight printed for friends of Juan Osvaldo Viviano as Christmas presents. Also included are several thank-you letters from recipients of the gift.

Two copies of El duelo (1970), a short story by Borges, are held within the collection, each illustrated with an original tempera by Santiago Cogorno. Included with the final copies are several proofs, documentation of the transaction from the printer and thank-you letters from the recipients of the limited edition gift.

  • Title page from copy inscribed to "la única Delia," most likely the publisher's wife, Delia Zubizarreta de Viviano.

  • Original tempera from Domingo Buonocore's copy of El duelo.

  • Original tempera from Delia's copy (title page at left).

The Borges Collection includes three copies of El otro (1972), each of which is illustrated with an aguafuerte etching by Ana Maria Moncalvo. These fine print copies are part of a limited edition of 57 and all are printed on different kinds of paper, including the publisher's personal copy printed on pearled Japanese paper. Also included are an original typescript and several proofs of the short story, documents from the printer and thank-you letters from the recipients of the gift.

  • Title page of El otro from Delia Basavilbaso's copy, printed on Fabriano "a la cuve" paper.

  • Aguafuerte etching by Ana Maria Moncalvo, from copy at left.

  • Aguafuerte etching from Delia Zubizarreta de Viviano's copy, printed on Auvergne Orange paper.