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Charlas de Don Segundo Sombra

Examples from four workbook volumes of pasted newspaper clippings about Don Segundo Sombra:

Volume 1

El Héroe de la Obra Cumbre de la Literatura Argentina Reaparece en "Jornada".

Charlas de Don Segundo Sombra.

Volume 2

Four columns of text including the titles, Protector de los infortunados and
El patriarca del pago de Areco, with three illustrations.

Enlarged view of top left illustation:
a guacho next to a cradle.

Enlarged view of lower right illustation:
a conquistadore on horseback.

Volume 3

Four columns of text, including the title Pelea con el Diablo, surrounding an illustration.


An illustration showing two men with a pile of rifles, with a column of text at right.


An illustration titled Enter Mate Y Mate.

Volume 4

Three columns of text above an illustration.

An article about the artist Subirats, an illustrator of Güiraldes' writing, written by Raúl Sìerra.

An enlarged view of the first photo in the article: "The artist and his model."

An enlarged view of the second photo in the article, "Ramón Subirats and don Segundo Sombra."

An enlarged view of the third photo in the article, "Ramón Subirats, next to a commemorative monument
dedicated to Ricardo Güiraldes, errected with funds from San Antonio de Areco."