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The Lev Faitelevich Konson Letters

MSE/REE 0007

Lev Faitelevich Konson (1927– 2006; Russian: Лев Файтелевич Консон) was a writer and Soviet political prisoner under Stalin. He was arrested in 1944 and served 11 years in the Gulag. Before immigrating to Israel in 1981, Konson lived in Moscow and worked at a variety of blue-collar jobs. In Israel he lived in Jerusalem and worked as a metal turner at Beit-Shemesh Engine Works. His collection of stories about the Gulag, "Kratkie povesti"/"Short stories," was published in Paris in 1983.

The collection consists of personal letters (1974-1980) from L.F. Konson to his cousin, Maya Konson (b. 1931), who had immigrated to Israel in 1974.