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Minor League Baseball Programs: Oversize: Altoona to Tacoma

Note: This page is part of a finding aid to the minor league baseball game programs and scorecards located in the Joyce Sports Research Collection, University Libraries of Notre Dame. It includes all oversized programs. Oversized programs, usually in tabloid format, typically postdate the 1980s. Items are arranged alphabetically by issuing (home) club, and thereunder by date. The opponent, when indicated on the insert, follows the date. The league affiliation of the issuing club is also indicated, following the club's name. When programs are held from teams representing the same city but different leagues, these are listed under separate headings.

Some programs in this finding aid may be indicated as either "scored" or "partially scored." "Scored" programs must meet two criteria. First, they must be scored completely, with an entry for each batter that appeared in the game. Second, they must employ a notation specific enough to allow for a reasonably thorough recreation of the game's play-by-play. A key point in this regard is the attribution of putouts and assists; no program utilizing a notation with generic out markings can be considered scored. Programs indicated as "partially scored" have been scored either incompletely or in a notation that leaves obvious questions regarding the game's play-by-play. Thus, "partially scored" programs may have only the lineups entered, or they may be scored completely but ambiguously. Other features that may characterize individual programs - autographs, for example, or ephemera like ticket stubs - are present as noted. All materials are housed in the Department of Special Collections, 102 Hesburgh Library.

Location: Department of Special Collections, 102 Hesburgh Library
Joyce Series No.: BAS631


Box 1 (BAS631-1)

Altoona PA / Eastern League (1)


Binghamton NY / Eastern League (4)

1998 vs New Britain
1999 vs Harrisburg

Chattanooga TN / Southern League (1)


Hickory NC / South Atlantic League (2)


Louisville KY / International League (1)

2001 vs Pawtucket

Box 2 (BAS631-2)

Norwich CT / Eastern League (1)


Portland ME / Eastern League (1)

1999 vs Trenton

Reading PA / Eastern League (1)


Salt Lake UT / Pioneer League (1)


Spartanburg SC / South Atlantic League (1)

1992 vs Fayetteville

Tacoma WA / Pacific Coast League (1)