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Jack Pfefer Collection Financial Records

Location: HESB Special Coll (Sports)

Jack Pfefer's financial records are divided into three subseries. The first, and by far the largest, includes all records specifically pertaining to wrestlers and wrestling matches (Financial Records — Promotions and Bookings). The second includes business records of a more prosaic, less sport-specific nature (Financial Records — Office and Travel Expenses), while the third comprises Pfefer's income tax forms and related documents (Financial Records — Income Tax).

Financial Records — Promotions and Bookings (PFE820-1 — PFE820-40)

Financial records of Pfefer's bookings and promotions range from full, itemized accountings of the expenses and income associated with a single event to one figure entries showing monies paid to a given wrestler for a specific booking. Generally speaking, Pfefer was an assiduous bookkeeper, and the records reflect this. Over the course of his career he organized this information in three basic ways. In the '30s and early '40s he generally made entries in account books, loose-leaf binders, or other volumes of sizable format. From the early '40s he began keeping individual records or record groups in files of labelled envelopes. At about the same time, and continuing for the rest of his career, he recorded financial information in small notebooks - often keeping one year's figures for one wrestler in a given notebook. Each of these basic formats is listed separately below, as 1) account books; 2) files; and 3) notebooks. Individual records within each format are listed chronologically. The contents of the account books (which may be extensive) are described in some detail, while the files and notebooks are usually referenced to either 1) a venue/city or city (referring to the location of the matches to which the records pertain) or 2) a wrestler (referring to the individual to whom the records pertain). Wrestlers are identified by professional name, with real name following in parenthesis (if known).

Account Books



Financial Records — Office and Travel Expenses (PFE821-1 — PFE821-5)

  • [These records are not yet arranged and described].

Financial Records — Income Tax (PFE822-1 — PFE822-2)