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Symbols included upon this page are variations of the fess, chevron, and other charges. Some symbols, like the bordure and its variations, could exist both as the charge itself or as a border around the charge.

  • Page 1: pale, fess, cross, and bordure

  • Page 2: chief, bend, bend sinister and saltire

  • Page 3: chevron and pile (see also Chevron Variations); special variations of the standard ordinaries;

  • Page 4: diminutives; geometric divisions of the field; geometric objects on the field

Chevron and Pile


  • chevron

  • pile

  • chevron

  • pile



  • simple chevron

  • simple pile


    engrailed (left)

    invecked (right)

  • engrailed chevron

  • engrailed pile

  • chevron invecked

  • pile invecked


    embattled (left)

    embattled counter‑embattled (right)

  • chevron embattled

  • pile embattled

  • chevron embattled counter-embattled




    indented (left)

    dancetté (right)

  • chevron indented

  • pile indented


    Similar to indented (at left), but with a wider space between points.


    Similar to indented (at left), but with a wider space between points.


    wavy (left)

    nebuly (right)

  • chevron wavy

  • pile wavy

  • chevron nebuly

  • pile nebuly


    raguly (left)

    dovetailed (right)

  • chevron raguly

  • pile raguly

  • chevron dovetailed

  • pile dovetailed

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Special Variations of the Standard Ordinaries

Pale, Fess and Bordure Variations

  • rayonee
    pale rayoneé


  • couped
    fess couped

  • wreathed
    fess wreathed

  • per pale
    bordure per pale

  • tierced in pairle
    bordure tierced in pairle

  • quartery
    bordure quartery

  • gyronny
    bordure gyronny of eight

  • compony
    bordure compony

  • counter compony
    bordure counter‑compony

  • chequy sable
    bordure chequy

  • orle

  • tressure
    tressure flory counter‑flory

  • escutcheon bordure
    an escutcheon within a bordure

Bend, Bend Sinister and Saltire Variations

  • barry
    bend barry

  • compony
    bend compony

  • lozengy
    bend lozengy

  • baton sinister
    baton sinister

  • parted and fretty
    saltire parted and fretty

Chevron Variations

  • quarterly
    chevron quarterly

  • rompu
    chevron rompu

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