Chaucer, Geoffrey (d. 1400). The Woorkes of Geffrey Chaucer newlie printed, with diuers addicions, which were never in printe before with: The Siege and destruccion of the worthy citee of Thebes compiled by Jhon Lidgate. London: By Jhon Kyngston, for Jhon Wight, 1561.

John Stow (1525-1605), chronicler and antiquary, issued in 1561 a "corrected and increased" version of the 1532 William Thynne edition of Chaucer, adding - "beautifying," as he called it - the text with a great number of notes drawn from various historical and literary sources. Notre Dame's copy has two ex libris notations: "Thomas Breme is owner of this boke," title page at top; and "Mr. Boulter at Mt Shuttleworth," title page at top (probably Hugh Boulter, Archbishop of Armagh, 1672-1742). Purchased through the generosity of the Bundy Family.

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