Chaucer, Geoffrey (d. 1400). The Works of Our Ancient, Learned, Excellent English Poet, Jeffrey Chaucer: as they have lately been compar'd with the best manuscripts, and several things added, never before in print. To which is subjoyn'd, the story of the Siege of Thebes by John Lidgate, monk of Bury. Together with the life of Chaucer, shewing his Countrey, Parentage, Education, Marriage, Children, Revenues, Service, Reward, Friends, Books, Death. Also a table, wherein the old and obscure words in Chaucer are explained, and such Words (which are many) that either are, by Nature or Derivation, Arabick, Greek, Latine, Italian, French, Dutch, or Saxon, mark'd with particular Notes for the better understanding their Original. London, 1687.

This text is a reissue of the 1602 Speght edition of Chaucer, also on display here. Prominent among its features is a large genealogical table of Chaucer on the title-page and an expanded glossary with etymologies.

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