Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro, 70-19 BC). Virgil's Æneis Translated into Scottish Verse by the Famous Gawin Douglas ...A new edition, : wherein the many errors of the former are corrected, and the defects supply'd, from an excellent manuscript. To which is added a large glossary ... and to the whole is prefix'd an exact account of the author's life and writings, from the best histories and records. Edinburgh: Andrew Symson and Robert Freebairn, 1710.

Gawin Douglas (1474? - 1522), Bishop of Dunkeld and Scots poet noted for The Palice of Honour and King Hart, had the first edition of his translation of the Aeneid printed posthumously in 1553 (see the first edition, also on display). The 1710 edition, with its corrections and scholarly apparatus, was the foundation for the earliest work in Scottish philology. Douglas was a noted poet of the Chaucerian school; although he terms the language of the translation "Scottish," it does not in practice greatly differ from Middle English. The title page of Notre Dame's copy has an ex libris note: "Presented by the Rev. Philip O'Reily P.P. Nullaghoran Diocese of Ardagh to the library of Carlow college, January 1846." In addition, there is a manuscript ex libris note on the binder's leaf: "Will. Straton(?) jun., his Virgill Ann. Dom. 1756(?)." There is also an expunged manuscript ex libris notation on the binder's leaf: "? his book 175?."

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