Chaucer, Geoffrey (d. 1400). The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer: compared with the former editions, and many valuable mss. out of which, three tales are added which were never before printed ... together with a glossary ... to the whole is prefixed the author's life, newly written, and a preface, giving an account of this edition. Ed. John Urry. London: Printed for Bernard Lintot, 1721.

John Urry (1666-1715), scholar and editor of Chaucer, had a penchant for shortening or lengthening Chaucer's words, and on several occasions introduced his own words into the edition in order to fit his idea of the meter. The work was left unfinished at Urry's death, and the final revision and completion were entrusted to Timothy Thomas, who wrote the preface and glossary. The life of Chaucer was originally written by John Dart, but was revised and altered by William Thomas. The three tales mentioned in the title are "The coke's tale of Gamelyn," "The marchant's second tale, or The history of Beryn," and "The adventure of the pardoner and tapster at the Inn at Canterbury."

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