Lambarde, William (1536-1601). Archaionomia, sive de priscis anglorum legibus libri, sermone Anglico, vetustate antiquissimo, aliquot abhinc seculis conscripti, atq; nunc demum, magno iurisperitorum, & amantium antiquitatis omnium commodo, e tenebris in lucem vocati... una cum Glossario earum antiquo ex manuscripto codice olim S. Augustini Doroborniensis. Cambridge: Roger Daniel, 1644.

This is the second edition of the Archaionomia; it was re-edited by Abraham Wheloc, who corrected Lambarde's text in some six hundred places and also added the laws of William I (in Latin and Norman) and Henry I (in Latin), as well as two glossaries not present in the first edition. This copy was once owned by Sir Robert Raymond (1673-1733), Lord Chief Justice; his bookplate is on the flyleaf. This book is displayed through the courtesy of the Notre Dame Law School Library.

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