Sheringham, Robert (1602-1678). De Anglorum gentis origine disceptatio: quâ eroum migrationes, variæ sedes, ex parte res gestæ, à confusione linguarum, dispersione gentium, usque ad adventum eorum in Britanniam investigantur: quĉdam de veterum Anglorum religione, deorum cultu, eorúmque opinionibus de statu animæ post hanc vitam, explicantur. Quâ etiam de veterum Britannorum origine aliquoties disceptatur. In annotationibus difficilia explicantur, è re nata varia dubia philologica discutiuntur authore Roberto Sheringhamo. Cambridge: John Hayes, 1670, for sale by Edward Story.

Robert Sheringham (1602-1678), linguist from Caius College, Cambridge, was a controversial figure in the politics of his day; he lost his place in the university for his royalist leanings. The Treatise on the Origin of the English People, as did so many historical works of this time, attempted to find in British antiquities a basis for the institutions of the author's day. Although there is some valuable linguistic work in the text, Sheringham was unable to distinguish clearly between history and legend, and was perhaps impressed more by a story's antiquity than by its plausibility.

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