Orosius, Paulus (c. 380 - c. 418?). Pavli Orosii presbyteri hispani, Adversvs paganos historiarvm libri septem : vetustorum librorum auxilio a mendis vindicati, annotationibus ex vrtiusq linguae historicis illustrati, opera studio Franc. Fabricii Marcodvrani. Quibus nunc accessit eiusdem Orosij Apologeticus contra Pelagium, de arbitrij libertate. Cologne: Maternus Cholinus, 1574.

Paulus Orosius, fifth-century Spanish theologian and historiographer, was most famous for the Seven Books of History against the Pagans, a work which defended the early Church against the charge of incurring the wrath of the Roman gods, in the form of civil and political disasters, by pointing out that the Roman Empire had been suffering just such misfortunes even before Christianity arrived. The text was extremely popular, surviving in over 200 manuscripts, and provided an intellectual foothold for Augustine's City of God; Orosius dedicated his work to Augustine, his close friend.

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