Douglas, James (1753-1819). Nenia Britannica: or, A sepulchral history of Great Britain, from the earliest period to its general conversion to Christianity. London: John Nichols, 1793, for George Nicol, in Pall-Mall, bookseller to His Majesty.

James Douglas (1753-1819), historian and archaeologist, wrote this text as a description of Roman, British, Anglo-Saxon, and Danish burial practices, as well as an exhibition of sepulchral artifacts recovered from numerous sites around the country. He included detailed drawings of grave goods, as well as maps of excavation sites and diagrams of burials. His collection of relics was sold after his death; its new owner eventually donated it to the Ashmolean Museum. A slip has been pasted over the third line of this imprint, reading: "for Benjamin and John White." Notre Dame's copy has two bookplates: "Ex Libris Iohannis Evans, I Desire to Deserve" and "A. D. Passmore, Wanborough."

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