Sjöborg, Nils Henrik (1767-1838). Samlingar för Nordens fornälskare, innehållande inskrifter, figurer, ruiner, verktyg, hogar och stensåttnigar i Sverige och Norrige, med plancher, På Archäologiska sällskapets kostnad och förlag, af N. H. Sjöborg. Stockholm: Press of F. B. Nestius, 1822-1830.

Nils Sjöborg (1767-1838) was professor of history at the University of Lund, Sweden, and Director of the Academy Museum from 1798. The artifacts he collected on his expeditions to remote Scandinavian archaeological sites were the basis for the Museum's ethnographic and historical collection. This book on Scandinavian archaeology, the first and only edition, describes and illustrates artifacts and monuments from Celtic, Viking, and later medieval sites in Sweden and Norway: mounds, tools, inscriptions, religious buildings, and art. It represents an early attempt to analyze Scandinavian history systematically.

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