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Gregorio Funes. (1749-1829) Oración patriótica, que por el feliz aniversario de la regeneración política de la América meridional / dixo el Doctor Don Gregorio Funes Dean de la iglesia Catedral de Córdoba del Tucumán, en la de Buenos-Ayres, el día 25 de Mayo de 1814. Imprint Buenos-Ayres: Impresa de Niños Exiósitos, [n.d.].


Funes' speech in the Tucumán cathedral on May 25, 1814 celebrates the fourth anniversary of independence. May 25 was also his birthday. His speech outlines the tyranny of the Spanish crown and illustrates the power of freedom and choosing one's destiny. This speech documents a growing identification of Latin America as an independent region, rather than a Spanish colony.

Often referred to as Argentina's first historian, Funes (1749-1829) trained as a priest and lawyer in Spain before he returned to Argentina in 1809 as the rector of the University of Córdoba, the oldest university in the viceroyalty. He also reported on events for the newspaper, Telégrafo Mercantil. As the monarchical crises unfolded, Funes became a national leader and spokesperson for the nascent independence movement.

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