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Precursors to Independence
Early Independence
Federalism vs. Unitarianism
Rise of the Caudillos
Juan Facundo Quiroga
Rule of Rosas
Critics of Rosas
The Gauchos
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Colección de artículos y documentos sobre crímenes y falsías del tirano Juan Manuel Rosas. 1840?


This work brings together three letters about Rosas’ rule from the Brazilian newspaper Jornal do commercio. Written by an Argentine in exile and signed "Brazilian Monarchist," the letters summarize the crimes of Rosas and the harm he does to the republic. The writer claims the Federalist war against Uruguay, declared in 1838, is based solely on the personal, dogmatic beliefs of Rosas. Further, he highlights the fact that both Brazil and Uruguay have constitutional democratic governments, as opposed to Rosas’ dictatorship in Argentina.

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