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Major League Baseball Programs: American Association (1882-1891)

Note: This page is part of a finding aid to the major league baseball game programs and scorecards located in the Joyce Sports Research Collection in the Department of Special Collections, University Libraries of Notre Dame. It includes all programs for the American Association (1882-1891). Programs are listed by home team and thereunder by season; when holdings of a given season's programs include examples of more than one type, the various types have been given separate headings. To qualify as an alternate type, programs must show either a substantial difference in content (other than in the scorecard insert) or have been produced for an alternate venue (as a spring training program). Within a given year and type, programs have been listed alphabetically by opponent.

Some programs in this finding aid are indicated as either "scored" or "partially scored." "Scored" programs must meet two criteria. First, they must be scored completely, with an entry for each batter that appeared in the game. Second, they must employ a notation specific enough to allow for a reasonably thorough recreation of the game's play-by-play. A key point in this regard is the attribution of putouts and assists; no program utilizing a notation with generic out markings can be considered scored. Programs indicated as "partially scored" have been scored either incompletely or in a notation that leaves obvious questions regarding the game's play-by-play. Thus, "partially scored" programs may have only the lineups entered, or they may be scored completely but ambiguously. "Scored" games have, almost without exception, been dated; "partially scored" games usually lack dates. Other features that may characterize individual programs - autographs, for example, or ephemera like ticket stubs - are present as noted. All materials may be consulted in 102 Hesburgh Library.

Location: Department of Special Collections, 102 Hesburgh Library
Joyce Series No.: BAS613


Box 1 (BAS613-1)

Baltimore AA 1887 (1)

vs Washington NL [partially scored: 13 April 1887]

Brooklyn AA 1884 (1)

vs New York AA [scored: Bkn 3, NY 0, 25 September 1884]

Brooklyn AA 1887 (2)

vs Philadelphia AA [scored: Bkn 11, Phi 1, 27 April 1887]
vs Philadelphia AA [scored: Bkn 5, Phi 4, 26 June 1887]

Brooklyn AA 1888 (1)

vs New York [scored: Bkn 6, NY 5 (10 inn), 6 November 1888]

Brooklyn AA 1889 (3)

vs Philadelphia AA [scored: Phi 3, Bkn 2, 20 July 1889]
vs Philadelphia AA [partially scored: 4 October 1889]
vs Philadelphia AA [scored: Phi 10, Bkn 2, 5 October 1889]

New York AA 1887 (1)

vs Brooklyn AA [scored: Bkn 2, NY 0, 25 June 1887]

Philadelphia AA 1883 (1)

vs Columbus AA [scored: Phi 11, Col 1, 17 Aug 1883]