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Staff Directory

Rare Books & Special Collections
Telephone: (574) 631-0290 | Email

Natasha Lyandres
Head of Special Collections,
Russian and East European Studies, Visual Arts and Design Librarian and Curator

Telephone: (574) 631-3009 | Email

Rachel Bohlmann, PhD
Curator of Special Collections and Rare Books,
American History, American Studies,
and Gender Studies Librarian

Telephone: (574) 631-1575 | Email

Aedin Clements
Irish Studies Librarian and Curator
Telephone: (574) 631-0497 | Email

David T. Gura, PhD
Curator, Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts
Concurrent Associate Professor of Classics
Concurrent Associate Professor, The Medieval Institute

Telephone: (574) 631-6489 | Email

Erika R. Hosselkus, PhD
Curator, Latin American,
Early Modern and Modern European,
and Map Collections

Telephone: (574) 631-8676 | Email

James Cachey
Senior Library Specialist
Telephone: (574) 631-5636 | Email

Debra Dochuk
Senior Library Specialist
Telephone: (574) 631-9097 | Email

Sara B. Weber
Digital Projects Specialist
Telephone: (574) 631-5610 | Email

Associated Subject Librarians

Tracy C. Bergstrom
Curator, Italian Imprints and Dante Collection
Telephone: (574) 631-1763 | Email

Daniel Johnson, PhD
English Literature and Digital Humanities Librarian
Film, Theatre, and Television

Telephone: (574) 631-3457 | Email

Hye-jin Juhn
East Asian Languages and Cultures Librarian
Telephone: (574) 631-6121 | Email

Alan Krieger
Theology and Philosophy Librarian
Program for Liberal Studies

Telephone: (574) 631-6663 | Email

Jean McManus
Catholic Studies Librarian
Telephone: (574) 631-1703 | Email

Julia Schneider, PhD
Medieval Studies Librarian
Western European History

Telephone: (574) 631-5724 | Email

All Subject Librarians and Specialists

Associated Catalogers and Archivists

Joe Ross
Rare Books Cataloger,
Subject Librarian for the History of Science
and Arabic Studies

Telephone: (574) 631-5835 | Email

Bozena Karol
Rare Books Cataloging Specialist
Telephone: (574) 631-7139 | Email

Patrick Milhoan
Unit Head, Archival Processing
Telephone: (574) 631-9348 | Email

Hannah Sabal
Archives Specialist
Telephone: (574) 631-2008 | Email