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Conciones qvae de praecipvis Sanctorum festis in ecclesia habentvr, A festo Sancti Andreae vsque ad festum Beatae Mariae Magdalenae: Auctore R.P.F. Lvdovico Granatensi, sacra Theologiae Professore, Monacho Dominicano; Conciones de praecipvis Sanctorvm festis, A festo Beatissimae Mariae Magdelenae, vsque ad finem anni: Auctore R.P.F. Lvdovico Granatensi, sacra Theologiae Professore, Monacho Dominicano (Antwerp: Christopher Plantin, 1588) .

It would be interesting to discover whether these sermons written in Latin exemplify the principles of sacred eloquence that Luis de Granada teaches in his Ecclesiastica rhetorica (catalogue n° 55). It would seem that, like his medieval forebears, Luis intended these sermons to be 'models' for preachers; their widespread and rapid dissemination in many printed editions suggests such a practical demand.

The sequence of sermons de sanctis contained in the second volume of this edition was first published by Antonio Ribeiro in Lisbon in 1576 (Llaneza 3: 168-69 no 2554); the complete sequence for the whole liturgical year was first published in two volumes at Salamanca by Mathías Gast (catalogue n° 78) in 1578 (Llaneza 3: 173 nos 2563-64). Christopher Plantin published Luis' Conciones de tempore in three- and four-volume editions in 1577-1579, 1581, 1583, 1584 and 1586-1588 (Voet 3: 1433-43 nos 1594-97). This is Plantin's fourth edition of the Conciones de sanctis, which he had previously published in two-volume editions in 1580, 1581 and 1584 (Voet 3: 1445-49 nos 1602-4). Although the title page of the second volume gives the date 1588, the colophon at the end (p. 543) indicates that the printing was finished in 1589.

References: Llaneza 3: 207-8 no 2620; Voet 3: 1450-51 no 1605.

Catalogue No. 80
Call Number: Rare Books BX 1756 .L95 1588 Non-Circulating
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