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Locorum theologicorum libri duodecim... authore Reverendissimo D. D. Melchiore Cano Episcopo Canariensi, ordinis Praedicatorum, Primariae Cathedrae in Academia Salmanticensi olim Praefecto (Cologne: the heirs of Arnold Birckmann I, 1574) .

The Dominican friar, Melchior Cano (ca. 1505-1560), Bishop of the Canary Islands (1552), First Chair of Studies at Salamanca—indeed, the Prefect—peritus at the Council of Trent, Inquisitor, was an illustrious ecclesiastic and defender of the faith. The Loci theologici, first published posthumously in 1563, is one of the most significant works in the history of modern theology, often said to be the first major work of Catholic "positive theology."

Adopting new theories of dialectical and rhetorical invention, taught by Rudolph Agricola (1444-1485) and other Renaissance humanists, Cano orders the souces of Catholic doctrine and tradition into "places," whence one may easily draw material for teaching and controversy. The "places" are arranged hierarchically, according to the authoritative force of their arguments: the authority of Apostolic tradition, of the Church, of Councils and synods, of the pronouncements of the Roman Pontiff, of the teachings of the "saints" or Fathers of the Church, of Scholastic Doctors, natural reason, philosophy and human history. The work concludes with a discourse on the limits of Scholastic disputation.

This volume is heavily annotated throughout, showing that its owner used this book as its author intended, as a source for ready reference—and probably, for combat.

References: IA 6: 421, 3/3: 313 (printer).

Catalogue No. 53
Call Number: Rare Books BX 890 .C2271
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