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[Nicolaus de Byardo, O.P.] , Summa de abstinentia , fols. 1ra-156rb ; [Humbert de Romans, O.P.] , Tractatus de habundancia exemplorum in sermonibus ad omnem materiam , fols. 164ra-226ra .

Late 13th-early 14th c.; probably French; parchment; 17.0 X 12.0 cm; 239 fols.

Nicholas of Byard (fl. 1250) composed works compiling and ordering texts and materials, arranged alphabetically according to keywords and topics (distinctiones), to assist preachers. The Summa de abstinentia circulated widely in medieval manuscripts. Humbert of Romans (†1277) was Master General of the Dominican Order from 1254 to 1263. His Tractatus contained in this manuscript was also designed to assist preachers, providing them with exemplary tales to illustrate moral points in their sermons. At the end of Nicholas's Summa is a reference table (fols. 156v-161v), which adapts the materials in his book to the Sundays and feasts in the liturgical year. Marginal signs (exm) mark exempla in Humbert's Tractatus (plate 1: fol. 164r, the beginning of Humbert's text).

References: Corbett 88-90; Kaeppeli nos 3046, 2012 (the Notre Dame manuscript is not cited).

Catalogue No. 1
Call Number: Ms. 15

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