This Web presentation of selections of early printed books from the Library of José Durand developed slowly over several years and reflects the contributions of many individuals.

The original book exhibition, "A Humanist Library: The Durand Collection. The European Renaissance/Baroque and the New World" which was on display in Special Collections during the fall of 1996, was conceived by José Anadón, Professor of Spanish in the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Notre Dame. Paul Firbas, then an M.A. student in Spanish, assisted Prof. Anadón with the research and writing for the descriptive cards that accompanied each volume. Robin Vose, a doctoral candidate in the Medieval Institute, revised these descriptions for the present Web exhibition in 1998. Vose also drafted the biographies of Durand and Garcilaso which are included in this site.

Page images were meanwhile scanned by several undergraduate student assistants in the Department of Special Collections working under the supervision of Christian Dupont and Sara Weber, including Paul Krasicky and Tiffany Roman. Initial page layouts designed by student assistant Scott Falvey had to be abandoned as the Department's Web style guidelines evolved.

Weber and Dupont worked with Tom Walker, a graduate graphic design student, on the creating the current page templates in 2000. Dupont scripted the Perl program which generates the pages. With the aid of undergraduate student assistant Jonathan Sluys, the exhibition finally went online together with a new version of the Departmental Web site in March 2001.

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