Diego Fernández. Primera, y segunda parte, de la historia del Peru. Seuilla: Casa de Hernando Diaz, 1571.

Diego Fernández was born in Palencia, Spain; his nickname was "the Palentino." He was a soldier in Peru during the civil wars around the middle of the 16th century. Later, working as a scribe in Lima, he was named official chronicler of Hernández Girón's rebellion. He was also asked to write about the Gonzalo Pizarro uprising against royal authority. The narratives of these civil wars constitute the first and second parts of his Historia.

The "Palentino" observed Girón's rebellion carefully, as it developed, and his account is of exceptional historical value. On the other hand his description of Gonzalo Pizarro's activities seems superficial and insincere. His disapproving portrayal of Gonzalo contrasts with that of Garcilaso Inca, recorded years later in his General History of Peru (1617).

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