Ynca Garcilasso de la Vega. Histoire des guerres civiles des Espagnols dans les Indes. Translated by I. Bavdoin. Paris: Chez Avgvstin Covrbe& Chez Edme Covterot, 1650. First edition.

This is the first French translation of the General History of Peru (the second part of Vega's Royal Commentaries) made by the French scholar Jean Baudoin. He translated numerous Greek, Latin, English, and Spanish works, and was elected to the French Academy in 1634.

The first part of the Royal Commentaries was also translated by Baudoin and published in Paris (1633). Books written by Garcilaso Inca were especially appreciated in France, where they were reprinted many times during the l6th and 17th centuries. The first English translation made by Sir Paul Rycaut was published in London, in 1688.

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