Marco Antonio Sabellico (Vicovaro, Roma, c. 1436 - Venezia, 1506). Le Historie Vinitiae. Translated from the Latin by Lodovico Dolce. Cvrtio Troiano di Navo, 1544.

Sabellico was a humanist and a historian, professor of rhetoric at Urdina and Venice. He published a general history, Enneades seu Rapsodiae historiarum, which includes his remarkable study of Christopher Columbus and his voyages. Sabellico also published Rerum venetiarum ab urbe condita lib. XXXIII (Venice: Andreas de Toresani de Asula)

"...Marcoantonio Coccio (known as Sabellico), who appreciated ancient learning, wrote in the 1470s a Venetian history that was humanist more in form than in substance. By depicting Venice as the new Rome and as the guardian of the law, justice and freedom, as well as by not doubting the Venetian traditions, Sabellico pleased his Venetian readers" (Breisach, 155).

The Durand Collection has the Italian translation by Ludovico Dolce, an outstanding humanist.

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