Bernardo Aldrete. Del Origen, y Principio de la Lengua Castellana o Roma[n]ce. Roma: Carlo Vulliet, 1606.

Bernardo de Aldrete, was a Spanish humanist, antiquarian, linguist and friend of Garcilaso Inca de la Vega in Córdoba. He studied Theology and the Humanities in Granada and was learned in classical and modern languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic, Chaldean, Italian and French.

His important lexicographical work Del origen y principio de la lengua castellana was later used in the first edition of the Diccionario de la lengua castellana, in 1726. An entry on p. 356 quotes Garcilaso regarding the origin of the name "Peru" and clarifies in a printed marginal annotation that Aldrete's source was the as yet unpublished Royal Commentaries.

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