Melchiore de la Cerda. Apparatus Latini Sermonis Secunda Pars per Chronographiam, & Prosopographiam. Hispali [Seville]: Rodericus Cabrera, 1598.

Melchor was a Spanish Jesuit and professor of rhetoric in Seville, who was distinguished by his Latin prose. His Apparatus starts with the creation of man and progresses through the natural world, then discusses religion and ends with the life of Christ.

The Durand Collection holds the first edition of the second part of the Apparatus Latini Sermonis, as well two other religious works by Melchor de la Cerda: Campi Eloquentiae in Caussis, Enumeratione Partium, published in two volumes (Lugduni [Lyon]: Sumptibus Horatij Cardon, 1614; and Usus Et Exercitatio Demonstrationis. (Hispali [Seville]: Rodericus Cabrera, 1598).

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