Froissart, Jean (1338?-1410?). Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France and the adjoining countries, from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV. Newly translated from the French editions, with variations and additions from many celebrated manuscripts. Hafod: J. Henderson, 1803-10.

Jean Froissart (d. c.1404), poet, romancier, and chronicler, wrote his major work to cover the whole of Western European history between 1325 and 1400. Up to 1361, he drew on Jean le Bel's Les Vrayes Chroniques; after that, he relied on his own research, as well as interviews and documents (although his work has a definite aristocratic slant). The Chronicles were a perennial success in England; Thomas Johnes (1748-1816) had them printed at his own personal press near Hafod House in Cardiganshire. Notre Dame's copies have two bookplates: "Inter folia fructus, Reading maketh a full man, Ex Libris Robert F. Watson" and "Ex Libris James Nicholson, Toronto, Canada." Watson's punning motto "Inter folia fructus" ("fruit among the leaves") has been taken as the overall title for this exhibition.

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