Lambarde, William (1536-1601). Archaionomia, sive de priscis anglorum legibus libri, sermone Anglico, vetustate antiquissimo, aliquot abhinc seculis conscripti, atq; nunc demum, magno iurisperitorum, & amantium antiquitatis omnium commodo, e tenebris in lucem vocati. John Day, 1568.

The Archaionomia (Greek - "Original Laws") is the first printed collection of the laws of the Anglo-Saxon kings and the second book ever printed by John Day in a typeface designed to resemble Anglo-Saxon manuscript hands. The noted antiquarian Laurence Nowell (once the owner of the Beowulf manuscript) had made an annotated transcription of the laws in the Textus Roffensis, and Lambarde, his student, used it to complete this edition. This book is displayed through the courtesy of the Notre Dame Law School Library.

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