Parker, Matthew (1504-1575). De antiquitate britannicae ecclesiæ, et nominatim de priuilegiis ecclesiæ cantuariensis, atque de archiepiscopis eiusdem LXX. Historia. Anthehac non nisi semel, nimirum Londini in ædibus Ioannis Daij anno M.D.LXII. excusa: nunc verò boni publici ergô recognita recusa. Hanover, 1605.

Matthew Parker (1504-1575), Archbishop of Canterbury, was one of the earliest Anglo-Saxonists; his work had the political purpose of attempting to bolster the Church of England's split from Rome by using Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical texts as evidence that the English Church was the most authentic form of Christianity, especially with regard to episcopal authority and transubstantiation. This work was first printed in 1572 and may be the first privately printed book in England; it included Jocelin's "Matheus," a life of Parker probably vetted by the Archbishop. The Hanover edition is missing "Matheus."

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