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The Iulia I. Vishnevskaia Collection

MSE/REE 0010

Iulia Iosifovna Vishnevskaia (b. 1949 in Moscow; Russian: Юлия Иосифовна Вишневская) is a poet and human rights activist. In 1965 she joined the non-official Moscow literary group "SMOG" and began publishing her poetry in samizdat. She was repeatedly confined by the Soviet authorities to psychiatric hospitals in 1965-1966 and again in 1971 for her participation in the human rights and dissident movement. She immigrated to Israel in November 1971, and between 1973 and 1995 she worked in the samizdat and research sections of Radio Liberty (in Munich). She returned to Israel in 1999.

This small collection comprises digital copies made by Vishnevskaia of her two samizdat poetry collections, Kacheli (1969) and Fragmenty (1970), as well as 30 photographs of her with prominent figures of Soviet political dissent and non-official culture, including Aleksandr Galich, Andrei Sinyavsky, Kronid Liubarskii, and Igor Golomshtok.