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Formicarius Joannis Nyder theologi profundissimi, pulcherrimus Dialogus ad vitam christianam exemplo conditionum Formice incitativus (Strassburg: Johann Schott, 1517) .

This volume was edited by the famous German humanistic scholar, Jacob Wimpfeling (1450-1528). As Wimpfeling explains in the dedicatory letter, Iohannes Nider drew his inspiration for this work, which surveys the "ant-hill" (Formicarius) of Christian society in his time, from the image of the purposeful ant in Proverbs 6:6. Accordingly, Nider treats the different status of Christian life (e.g., princes, prelates, priests, monks, enclosed nuns, etc.), and the contemporary perversions of religion (e.g., necromancy, witchcraft). In other words, Nider's work is another Dominican moral writing ad status. Of special interest is his treatment of the Beguines and Beghards, or laywomen and laymen who formed religious communities but did not live under religious vows. Such communities were widespread in Europe in the fifteenth century. The printer Johann Schott was active in Strassburg in the years 1500-1548.

References: Benzing and Muller 2: 77 no 50; BMCGB 653 (850. h. 22); Kaeppeli no 2537; Ritter 3: 1065 no 1636.

Catalogue No. 29
Call Number: Rare Books BX 890 .N57 1517
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