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Albertus Magnus , Philosophiae naturalis Isagoge, sive introductiones in libros Aristotelis Physicorum, de Coelo et mundo, de Generatione et corruptione, Meteorum, de Anima (Strassburg: Ulrich Morhart the elder, 1520) .

The Notre Dame copy lacks the title page.

Already in the Middle Ages, for obvious reasons, the Summa naturalis philosophiae (title, fol.2r) printed in this volume was commonly attributed to Albert the Great, O.P. (1206-1280). Indeed, the Summa, which contains epitomes of five works of Aristotle on natural philosophy, consists largely of extracts from, and abbreviations of, Albert's massive paraphrase commentaries on Aristotle (see catalogue n° 72). Albert's works were often digested by his students and confrères for the instruction of the less learned brethren. In earlier manuscripts this "Philosophy for the simple" (Philosophia pauperum), as the work was sometimes called, is ascribed only to a "Brother Albert, O.P." Other manuscripts are more specific, mentioning an "Albert of Orlamünde." Scholars now believe that it was this Albert (fl. late 13th c.), a Dominican teacher in Thüringen, who compiled these digests. The printer of the edition, Ulrich Morhart, was active in Strassburg in the years 1519-1523.

References: Geyer (esp. 42-47); IA 1: 261, 3/3:411; Kaeppeli no 112; Benzing and Muller 2: 257 no 2.

Catalogue No. 42
Call Number: Rare Books B 485 .A45
     Catalog Record

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