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Expositio commentaria prima . . . in Prima Secunde Angelici doctoris Sancti Thome Aquinatis per reverendum sacre pagine professorem interpretemque profundissimum Magistrum Conradum Koellin Conventus Ulmensis ordinis fratrum predicatorum nunc in Colonia regentem eruditissimum (Cologne: [Heinrich] Quentel, 1512) .

Konrad Koellin (†1536) entered the Dominican Order at Ulm and later became the Regent of Studies in Cologne. He attended Cajetan's lectures on Thomas Aquinas at Heidelberg. This commentary on the Prima secundae of Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae was printed by Heinrich Quentel, a member of a famous printing family in Cologne whose firm published many Catholic books. The title page bears an ex-libris from the large library of the Cathusians in Buxheim. Presumably, the book once belonged to the bookseller Rosenthal of Munich, for it was on the stock of the library from Buxheim that he built his business and reputation. Thomas's text, printed in slightly larger letters, is followed by Conrad's extensive commentary; large printed letters in the margins correspond to an alphabetical index of topics at the end of the volume. By reference to question number and marginal guide letter, the reader may easily find the topic he desires.

References: IA 3/3: 430; Quétif-Échard 2/1: 100; VD16 20: 358 (T 1022).

Catalogue No. 36
Call Number: Rare Books BX 1749 .T54 K64 1512
     Catalog Record

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