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Epitomata in decem libris Ethicorum Aristotelis ordinata per fratrem Chrysostomum Javellum Canapicium ordinis predicatorum philosophie et sacre theologie professorem (Venice: Stefano Nicolini da Sabbio, 1536); Epythomata in octo libris Politicorum Aristotelis per fratem Chrisostomum Javellum Canipicium ordinis predicatorum (Venice: Stefano Nicolini da Sabio, 1536) .

The two books bound in this volume contain epitomes (with some comment) of Aristotle's Ethics and Politics by the Italian Dominican, Chrysostom Javellus of Canavese (in Piedmont; died ca. 1540). Besides these works, Chrysostom wrote epitomes of most of Aristotle's other writings and epitomies of Plato's ethical and political doctrines. He also wrote theological treatises on predestination, the Immaculate Conception, and a commentary on the first part of Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae (see catalogue n° 63 and n° 67).

This is another book (see catalogue n° 30) published by a member of the Nicolini da Sabbio family; Stefano was active in Venice in 1524-41.

References: Ascarelli 354-55, and fig. 35 (printer's mark); Quétif-Échard 2/1: 104b-5b.

Catalogue No. 45
Call Number: Rare Books B 430 .J328e      Catalog Record

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