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Molti Devotissimi Trattati del Reuerendo Padre Frate Ieronymo Sauonarola da Ferrara del l'ordine de frati Predicatori . . . (Venice: A l'insegna di San Bernardino, 1538) .

This octavo volume (144 fols.), printed in two columns, presents a collection of devotional and pastoral writings by Savonarola (catalogue n° 39, n° 40, and n° 74). The collection includes, among others, small treatises on humility, prayer, charity and the religious life; a series of treatises concerning the love of Christ and contemplation of his life, Cross, his presence and sacrifice in the Mass and his Ascension, along with a sermon for the vigil of the Nativity (fols. 47vb-78va); and two longer treatises on the life of widows (fols. 90va-107va) and the ten commandments (fols. 107vb-134va).

The sign of the printer, Bernardino Stagnino (active in Venice 1483-1538), depicts the image of his patron saint, the famous Franciscan preacher, Bernardino of Siena, holding a sunburst monstrance encircling the sacred monogram, IHS (S. Bernardino especially promoted devotion to the holy name). The "sign of San Bernardino," however, does not appear in this volume; its presence in a book of writings by an equally famous preacher of a rival religious order was probably deemed inappropriate.

References: Ascarelli 337; Zappella, Le marche, figs. 174-80.  The treatises included in this volume are edited separately, with lists of the early editions, in Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Girolamo Savonarola: Operette spirituali, ed. Mario Ferrara, 2 vols. (Rome: Angelo Belandetti Editore, 1976).

Catalogue No. 73
Call Number: Rare Books DURAND AGM3311      Catalog Record

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