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Prediche del Reverendo Padre Fra Ieronimo da Ferrara per tutto l'anno nuomente con somma diligentia ricorretto (Venice: Bandino and Ottaviano Scoto, 1539) .

This volume contains 29 long sermons that Savonarola (catalogue n° 39, n° 40, and n° 73) preached in the year 1496. The introduction to each sermon states the day and month when it was preached, the biblical book expounded, and gives the thematic scriptural text (usually from another book). The volume includes a series of sermons on the Book of Ruth (sermons 4-8) that Savonarola delivered in the week 18-25 May 1496, and another series on the Prophet Micah (sermons 9-16, 20-25) that he delivered between 29 May and 11 September in the same year. The latter series is interspersed with sermons for various late-summer liturgical feasts. In a table on the title page verso, the editors claim that these sermons by Savonarola were originally recorded viua voce.

Ottaviano Scoto junior, the son of Amadeo Scoto, assumed directorship of the family firm (catalogue n° 13, n° 32, and n° 72) in 1533 and published books until 1555. For a brief time (1539-1541) he produced books with his brother, Bandino. An engraving on the title page shows Savonarola preaching, with a secretary by the pulpit recording every word. On the front of the pulpit, instead of a crucifix, is the heart and cross printer's mark with the initials B, O of the Scoto brothers.

References: Ascarelli 331; Zappella, Le marche, fig. 486. See Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Girolamo Savonarola: Prediche sopra Ruth e Michea, ed. Vincenzo Romano, 2 vols. (Rome: Angelo Belandetti Editore, 1962); for the list of editions, see 2: 487-88.

Catalogue No. 74
Call Number: Rare Books DURAND AGM3324      Catalog Record

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