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[Guillelmus Peraldus] , Summa de vitiis , fols. 1r-400v .

Early 14th c.; French; parchment; 18.0 X 13.0 cm; 400 fols.

William Peyraut (†1271) was Prior of the Dominican convent in Lyon. His Summa de vitiis, treating the seven capital vices and the sins of the tongue, was one of the most influential moral works of the Middle Ages. William wrote a companion Summa de virtutibus, which often accompanied his Summa on the vices in manuscripts. This manuscript has contemporary foliation in Arabic numerals (fols. 1-100) and in a combination of Roman and Arabic numerals (C.1-CCC.20); running headers in red and blue indicate the topic of the book (e.g., De Gula). A table of the sequence of topics (fols. 1r-8r) precedes the text; alphabetically and numerically (Arabic) ordered markers in the table correspond to the same signs in the margins of the body of the text (e.g., the signs .a..1., .b..2. in plate 2: fol. 9r [=contemporary 1r], the beginning of the text).

References: Corbett 81; Kaeppeli no 1622 (for the manuscript, see Kaeppeli and Panella 4: 106).

Catalogue No. 2
Call Number: Ms. 12

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