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Peregrinus [de Opole, O.P. , Sermones de tempore] , fols. 13r-112v , Sermones de sanctis , fols. 113r-175v .

15th c.; German; paper; 29.0 X 21.0 cm; 282 fols.; 15th or 16th c. tooled leather binding with metal resting bosses.

Peregrinus of Oppeln was Prior of the Polish Dominican province (1305-12, 1322-27). His sermon sequences for the temporal and sanctoral liturgical cycles circulated widely in Germany and eastern Europe. Copied in the midst of the sermons in this manuscript (fols. 50r-51v) are texts concerning the celebration of the Mass, excerpted from the Summa confessorum of John of Freiburg, O.P. (†1304). The first gathering of the book is copied in two columns; therafter the text is copied in long lines. The sermons were copied by several writers in typical German cursive bookhands of the fifteenth century (see plate 5: fol. 114r, sermon for the feast of St. Andrew beginning the Sermones de sanctis).

References: References: Corbett 9-31; Kaeppeli nos 1982 (John of Freiburg), 3194 (Peregrinus; the Notre Dame manuscript is not cited).

Catalogue No. 6
Call Number: Ms. 3

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