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[Nicolaus de Ausino, O.S.F. , Supplementum ad Summam de casibus conscientiae de Bartholomaeo de Sancto Concordio Pisano, O.P.] , fols. 1ra-282rb .

Second half of the 15th c.; copied in Italy or southern France; parchment; 23.0 X 16.0 cm; 287 fols.

This book once belonged to Pope Leo X (1475-1521). The "little Pisan Summa" (Summa Pisanella) of Bartholomew of Pisa, O.P. (†1347), designed for use by confessors and preachers, was one of the most popular casuistic manuals in the later Middle Ages. It survives in hundreds of manuscripts throughout Europe. The Supplement to this work copied in this manuscript was composed by the Franciscan, Nicholas of Ausino (fl. ca. 1435). His work is a tribute to the continuing popularity of Bartholomew's manual. In the far left margin of fol. 267v (plate 6) is a gloss from a text by Antoninus of Florence, O.P. (1389-1459; see catalogue n° 27). Here we find a marginal gloss from a summary to a supplement to another summary!—a nice example of medieval "text-recycling" and "hypertext."

References: Corbett 135-36; Kaeppeli no 436 (Bartholomew of Pisa).

Catalogue No. 7
Call Number: Ms. 29

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