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[Psalterium ad usum Fratrum Ordinis Praedicatorum] .

After 1456 but before 1481; German; parchment; 17.0 X 12.0 cm; 211 fols.; 15th or 16th c. tooled, red pigskin binding.

Like the previous psalter, this manuscript contains a Dominican calendar (fols. 1r-6v); a Psalter with antiphons and musical notation (fols. 7r-184v); canticles (fols. 184v-196v); litanies including Dominican saints (fols. 196v-201r); prayers (fols. 201r-202r); hymns with musical notation (fols. 202r-211r). The book is less well executed than its companion and bears several corrections of mistakes in the copying. Plate 4b shows the beginning of Psalm 26: Deus illuminacio mea (fol. 34r).

References: Corbett 1-4 (with bibliography).

Catalogue No. 5
Call Number: Ms. 1

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