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Mariale Reverendi patris et Magistri Balthasaris Sorio ordinis predicatorum (Tortosa: Arnaldus Guillermus de Montepesato, 1538) .

Balthasar Sorio, O.P. (†1557) was a friar from the convent of S. Onufrio in Valencia. The Mariale consists of sermons on the various mysteries of the Virgin's life, e.g., the Conception, Annunciation, Visitation, Purification, Assumption. Balthasar wrote several sermons for each mystery; the running headlines refer to the sermon number in the sequence.

This is the first—and apparently the only—edition of Balthasar's Mariale. The title page of this copy bears a handwritten ex-libris that indicates that the book once belonged to the very convent in Valencia where the author had lived. Underneath the author's printed name is the writing: "Filius huius Conventus Sancti Onufri."

References: IA 3/3: 246; Quétif-Échard 2/1: 159b-160a; Isaías Rodríguez, "Autores espirituales españoles (1500-1572)," in RHCEE 3: 575 no 278; Thomas 82 (C. 63. g. 41).

Catalogue No. 47
Call Number: Rare Books BT 600 .So68m      Catalog Record

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