Bernardo Tasso. L'Amadigi. Venetia: Fabio & Agostino Zoppini Fratelli, 1581.

Bernardo, father of the more famous Torquato Tasso, was a poet and courtier. He served various noblemen during his career, among them duke Guidobaldo II, in whose court his son Torquato was educated. When Bernardo was serving the duke of Milan, Guglielmo Gonzaga, he was appointed governor of Ostiblia. An author of diverse works, Tasso wrote psalms, eclogues, sonnets and odes. The latter were the first Italian poems written in the manner of Horace. His lyric poems were published with the title Amori in Venice (1555). His main work, L'Amadigi, is an epic poem divided in 100 cantos and inspired by the Spanish chivalric romance Amadis de Gaula (known in fragmentary form since the 14th century; first printed in its entirety in 1508). The Amadigi was left incomplete but was later completed by his son Torquato, who published the full text under the title Florindante in 1587.

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