Virgil. Aeneid. edited with commentary by Antonio de Nebrija. Apvd Inclytam Granatam, 1545/1546.

The great epic of ancient Rome in which Virgil links the founding of Rome to Greek antiquity, tracing the origins of the Roman people back to the Trojan prince Aeneas. As in Homer, the gods play an important role in the affairs of men throughout the work.

Elio Antonio de Nebrija (1441-1522), a Spanish humanist, studied at Salamanca and Bologna and taught grammar and rhetoric at Salamanca and Alcala. In 1492 he published his Gramatica castellana, the first grammar in any vernacular language. Nebrija worked in the edition of the Polyglot Bible of Alcala and prepared critical editions of Sedulius, Prudentius, Persius and Virgil.

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