Juan de Espinosa Medrano. La novena maravilla. Valladolid: Ioseph de Rueda, 1695.

Juan de Espinosa Medrano was probably a mestizo, nicknamed "El Lunarejo," who studied in Cuzco as a child and showed unusual talent for languages and music. He mastered Latin, Greek, Hebrew and was the first great Quechua writer. In that language he composed several theatrical pieces, poetry and a translation of Virgil. He held university chairs in Arts and Theology, was archdeacon in the Cathedral of Cuzco, and composed the Philosophia Thomistica, published in Rome in 1688.

After his death one of Medrano's disciples, a priest from Cuzco named Agustín Cortez de la Cruz, published thirty sermons written by "Lunarejo". The volume was entitled La novena maravilla and included his famous sermon to Santa Rosa de Lima, the first American saint.

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